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Philip Burrin

Musician & Teacher

Philip Burrin website

Philip Burrin Website

"I am a professional Violinist and a few years ago decided to change emphasis in my career from a full time performing schedule to more teaching and coaching. I realised that I needed a website and I asked Martin to produce one for me. I am absolutely delighted with the result.

At that time I was also preparing to move from the UK to Germany and Martin enabled the site to be viewed in German as well as English. He explained the Website very clearly to me and also produced a very extensive and comprehensive manual about the usage and updating of the site. This has proved to be very useful since my aptitude with computer technology was pretty elementary.

He also designed further promotional material for me, namely a postcard advert and a business card. I have received many compliments about the presentation of the Website. I am extremely pleased and impressed by the professionalism of Martin's work.