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Alison Auldjo

Owner of the Union Gallery

Union Gallery website

Union Gallery Website

"To say that I am thrilled with my website is something of an understatement.

I knew that Martin would be able to deliver a good looking and user friendly site, but he has far exceeded my expectations.

Being an extremely creative individual himself (he's also a gifted musician, singer/songwriter and designer) I knew that I would get something quite special and, having such a keen interest in the arts himself, he would fully understand my needs. He has a real talent in truly understanding his clients needs.

Since I am not known for my own technical skills, I was delighted (and relieved) that Martin has built me a website that is quick, efficient and straightforward to use, and these are descriptions that are compatible with Martin himself. He is fantastic to work with, and consistently reliabIe. I never have any doubts that if I ask for something to be changed or adjusted it will be done promptly.

I first approached Martin several years ago to ask if he could design a website for me. I didn't just want a run-of-the-mill website as there had to be music, downloads, images and a blog page on it as well as a paypal link and other useful things. This was a big ask, however, Martin came up trumps and has designed me a contemporary, creative website which he has modified over the years to accommodate the changes that I've asked for as well as to cater for changing technology.

Martin has always been professional, prompt, creative, intuitive and particularly, trustworthy - designing the whole thing from start to finish after paying close attention to my requirements and I cannot recommend him highly enough."