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I can help to create a unique and distinctive visual style for you or your business.

Your website, business cards, leaflets and other promotional materials (such as posters, flyers or even T-shirts) should all have the same visual style as your website. Sometimes I’ll design websites for people who already have an identity in place and my job is to create an online visual style that brings that identity to life, and sometimes we just start from scratch.

Logo design

Generally your logo should be simple and memorable. Often just a unique symbol and your company name will be ideal, but sometimes a strapline, or ‘descriptor’, that explains what you do can be helpful (for example, mine is web & graphic design). Colour is important, but your identity should also work in black and white (mono) or ‘reversed out’ (white against a dark background). And finally, the typeface (font) is also an important factor in giving your identity real stand out.

Logos by Froghouse Design
Logos designed by Froghouse Design

Because images for websites are different from images used in print, I’ll provide you with multiple versions of your logo in various sizes (you’ll need a bigger file for a poster or banner than a business card) and formats (you’ll need different file formats for digital (online) reproduction than print).

If you’re really (really!) interested, I can talk you through the differences between JPEGs, Vectors and PNGs…

Business cards

Business cards can be as simple as your logo and contact details – or they can incorporate images, take on non-standard shapes or formats, or feature special print finishes such as embossing or cut outs. Ask and you shall receive! But bear in mind that the more complex the finish, the more expensive the print cost.

Business Cards by Froghouse Design
Business Cards designed by Froghouse Design

Promotional materials

Leaflets and flyers, exhibition stands and posters, table talkers and postcards. You name it, I can design it. And whatever promotional material you’re after, you can rest assured that the look and feel of your website and identity will be perfectly reflected in the print you commission.

Promotional Materials by Froghouse Design
Promotional Materials designed by Froghouse Design

All print jobs will require a good quality and reliable printer and I can recommend a few if you don't have a company you use regularly.